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Our engineers have been professionally trained at companies like AL-KO, BPW, Alde, Truma etc. As well as holding certifications in both gas (LPG) and electric (LV and ELV) to give you, the customer, comfort in the knowledge the job will carried out to the highest professional standards.

PVT MCS Ltd have two service schedules, one for the caravan and one for the motorhome.

The service schedule listed below is for caravans. The service schedule for the motorhome is just as comprehensive.

Where the annual service identifies tyre wear and / or damage, PVT MCS Ltd can recommend a tyre supply and fitting service which includes Tyron bands where fitted, during or after the service has been completed. The tyre supply and fitting service is fully mobile just as PVT MCS Ltd is. Ask for details.


Service schedule covers:



Check security and condition of body panels and grab handles

Check operation of door locks, catches and hinges

Check security and condition of all trims, inserts and sealants

Check windows and seals for damage

Check security of body attachments (aerials)


Damp report (separate sheet)

Check for floor delamination

Check operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks and stays  

Check operation of all window catches, stays and seals

Check operation and security of skylights

Check operation of blinds and fly screens

Check fixed ventilation opening for free flow of air


Check operation and condition of water pump

Check operation of pressure switch

Check condition of water filter and housing  

Check operation of taps and shower fittings

Check overall condition of fresh and waste water pipes and fittings

Check toilet operation and condition of seal and blade


Fridge not serviced unless requested

Check regulator performance and perform let by test

Check condition and date of flexible hose or pigtail

Check condition and security of all pipe work

Check security of LPG bottles and evidence of LPG sticker

Check gas dispersal holes for obstructions

Check operation of fridge. Ignition, FFD and cooling

Check operation of hob and oven. Ignition, FFD and flame

Check operation of space heater. Ignition, FFD and flame

Check operation of water heater, Ignition, FFD and heating

Check operation and condition of external gas point

Carry out 15 minute CO test with calibrated tool





Check condition of inlet plug and hook up cable

Check operation of RCD, MCB’s, earth and bonding

Check condition of wiring, sockets and fixed connections

Check mains operation of battery charger

Check mains operation of fridge

Check mains operation of hob

Check mains operation of space heater

Check mains operation of water heater


Check condition of 12s, 12n or 13pin plugs and cables

Check operation of all roads lights with test kit and reflectors

Check condition of wiring, sockets and fuses

Check functions of 12s with test kit

Check condition and charge of battery

Check operation of all 12v internal lighting including awning light

Check blown air system


Check operation of security, smoke and CO alarms

Check condition, type and expiry date of fire extinguisher

Check condition and location of fire blanket

Check operation, function and safety of DIY additions


Check coupling head and safety catch

Check friction pads

Check routing breakaway cable

Operation of overrun piston

Operation of jockey wheel

Check brake rods, cables & supports

Check tyres for age, wear, damage & pressure

** Torque to manufacturers settings **

Check brake drum lining & bearing seals

** New one shot nuts torque to manufacturers settings or new split pin **

Check free play in linkage, adjust if needed

Check security and condition of chassis to body

Operation of suspension assemblies

Operation of corner steadies

Check spare wheel and carrier